e-ride Industries EXV2 Patriot People Transporter

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e-ride Industries
e-ride Industries
EXV2 Patriot People Transporter


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EXV2 Patriot Equipped w/ People Transporter

This people transporter option is a full assembled steel structured powder painted unit that is attached to the flatbed. Unit has fold down feet rests that fold-up and out of the way when not in use. Vehicle equipped with this option could carry up to a total of eight occupants. Three on each side of the transporter unit and two in the cab of the vehicle. All 8 occupant locations come with retractable seat belts. Heavy duty removable canvas canopy is used to help keep occupants on the transported out of the sun or light rain. Heavy duty all weather padded bench seat cushions are used. An available option that can be included is a jacking system. This jacking system allows the transporter unit to be effortlessly lifted off the flatbed of the vehicle then the vehicle can be driven out from under it making this option easily removable. GVW of vehicle with all occupants should never exceed 3000 lbs. To lower the base weight of the vehicle see lithium battery options.

See EXV2 Model Patriot for full vehicle specifications.