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The EXV2 Patriot & the EXV4 from e-ride Industries are designed to meet your electric utility vehicle needs. These electric vehicles are the choice for those who need an environmentally friendly, reliable, and virtually maintenance-free utility vehicle. With their range, zero emissions, superior quality electrical components, and simplified maintenance procedures, these vehicles will let you spend more time getting the job done and less time with repair and maintenance.

GSA Advantage
GSA # GS-30F-0004R


e-ride and the ENVIRONMENT!

  • e-ride electric vehicles produce zero emissions
  • Emissions released by power plants producing electricity for charging electric vehicles creates less than 1/20th the pollution that a comparable gas powered vehicle would produce
  • e-ride maintenance requires no disposal of hazardous materials such as used oil, antifreeze, or other liquids associated with gas-powered vehicles

How can an e-ride Industries Electric vehicle help the environment?

e-ride Industries provides vehicles that seek to reduce the amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere by relying on electricity instead of burning gasoline. Electric motors create magnetic fields that spin a rotor which in turn rotates the axle of the car, causing motion. All of this is done without any emission of CO2. Fewer CO2 emissions means fewer greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. In the US, cars and other vehicles account for 26% of the country's carbon emissions. If we were to shift to relying on electric cars as our main form of transportation, we could greatly reduce the amount of greenhouse gas in the atmosphere and perhaps minimize its negative effects on us all. Although e-ride vehicles don’t fit into every application, they should help the environment by being a large piece of that solution pie.

Carbon emissions gas vs electric graph

The above graph is showing the difference in levels of hazardous emissions of CO between the average gasoline vehicle, the average deisel vehicle, and Electric Vehicle's (EV's).  (Powerplant in this case is referring to the vehicle's drive and/or power system.   

Dealership Locations

Bohl Green Solutions Ltd.
534 Laskey Road
Toledo, OH 43612

Marion, OH 740-387-1100
Ft. Wayne, IN 260-436-2325


Electric Vehicle Options, LLC. (EV OPTIONS)
Salem, Oregon
Contract: G.W. "Skip" Gosser
Phone: 503-749-1601
Contact: John Cogar
Phone: 541-417-1143

Electric Car Company

Electric Car Company
9711 US-62,
Wolfforth, TX 79382
Phone: (806) 866-0212
Contact: Bradley Parker

ETI - Electric Truck Industries
A Division of ALL CAL Golf & Industrial
Vehicles, LLC
1820 Arnold Industrial Way, Unit B
Concord, CA 94520
Main Contact: Rob Clarke

Because the laws are ever so changing and we want you to have the most up-to-date information, please visit the website for the most current information on low-speed/electric vehicle incentives and regulations in your region.

Want a sure way of getting you name out there? Try advertising on an e-ride Industries electric vehicle!

Our exv4 is the perfect canvas for your companies’ logo. There is no better way to get peoples attention than a 'wrapped' e-ride exv4. The exv4 is the perfect blend of vehicle for 'wrapping' because of its large overall surface area and its cool looks , not to mention it's an electric vehicle! Your company can sponsor one or many exv4's at one of our many rental locations or purchase your own exv4 for special events such as parades, trade shows, motorsports events, fairs, recruiting events, or any other function where you want to get noticed!

e-ride Industries is also looking for sponsors to help promote its electric vehicles on its yearly demonstration tours. e-ride participates in many different events, from parades, car shows, trade shows, motorsports events, marathons, and many other special events that occur throughout the year. We welcome any offers to help promote your company!

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