Side panels

Side panels front exv2 2011-03-09 to date

Item# Part# Description
1 F1501R Right Side Panel

F1501L Left Side Panel
4 F1503R Right Side Panel Support

F1503L Left Side Panel Support
5 U6403A Rubber Rect. Pad Bumper
6 U8700A 1/4-20 x 3/4 Thread Cutting Screw
7 U3302A Ram Horn draw latch
8 U8658A 10-32 X 1/2" Thread Cutting Screw
9 U8110A Logo and .com 3" White

Side panels rear exv2 2011-06-16 to date

Item# Part# Description
1 F7052L Left Flatbed Side Panel Assembly

F7052R Right Flatbed Side Panel Assembly
4 F1518L Left Rear Splash Pan

F1518R Right Rear Splash Pan
5 F1235A Cargo Door Seal Lip
6 F8026A Bulb Seal Edge Trim
7 F1239A Cargo Door Latch Catch
8 F7051A Storage Door
9 F3515A External Mount Hinge
10 F1237A Cargo Door Cover Panel
11 U8641A #8 X 0.50" Phil Pan Screw
12 F3512A Lift and Turn Latch Gasket
13 F3511A Lift and Turn Latch (non-locking)
F3509A Lift and Turn Latch (locking)