Suspension front 2005 to 2008-11-26

Item# Part# Description
4 U7101A Lower Control Arm Update

U4011A Lower Ball Joint

ASM-7 Lower Control Arm Assembly


-Lower Control Arm

-Lower Ball Joint x 1

-Bushings x 4
5 U7102A Upper Control Arm

ASM-9 Upper Control Arm Assembly


-Upper Control Arm x 1

-Bushings x 4
18 U4010A Upper Ball Joint
22 U8590A 3/8" Flat SAE Washer
30 U8507A M10 X 1.5 X 50mm Hex Cap Screw
31 U8527A M10 Nylon Lock Nut
55 U4513A Coil-over Front Shock

U4513A-1 Front Shock Bushing, Upper

U4513A-2 Front Shock Bushing, Lower

U4513A-3 Front Shock Bushing Sleeve, Upper

U4513A-4 Front Shock Bushing Sleeve, Lower
61 U8671A 3/8-16 X 1 Serrated Flange Bolt
62 U8672A 3/18-16 Hex Flange
63 U8400A Bushing 3/8" ID (older design)

Axle mounting 2005 to date

Item# Part# Description
1 U1189A Park Brake Cable Support
2 U8586A 1/2" Flat SAE Washer
3 U8574A 1/2-13 X 3.5" Hex Cap Screw
4 U8550A 1/2-13 Nylon Lock Nut
5 U8642A Brake Hose Clip
6 U4510A Shock
7 U4511A Shock Bushing Kit
8 U8221A Brake Cable Hanger
9 U4504A Leaf Spring Bushing
10 U1282A Leaf Spring Bushing Sleeve