Rack and pinion

Notice: Items on this page only pertain to vehicles equipped with a rack and pinion with hem style externally threaded outer tie rod ends. If your vehicle is equipped with ball and socket outer tie rod ends click here. If your vehicle is equipped with internally threaded outer tie rod ends click here.

Steering rack 2016

Item# Part# Description
1 U1040A Suspension Rear Frame Bracket
2 U1041A Suspension Gusset
3 U4041A Steering Rack (See image below)
4 U8585A 5/16" Flat SAE Washer
5 U8510A 5/16-18 Serrated Flange Hex Nut
6 U8680A 5/16-18 X 4.0" Hex Cap Screw
7 U8568A 5/16-18 X 1.00" Hex Cap Screw
8 U1209A Rear LCA Mount
9 U8590A 3/8" Flat SAE Washer
10 U8580A 3/8-16 X 1.25" Hex Cap Screw
11 U8506A 3/8-16 Serrated Flange Hex Nut


Item# Part# Description
1 U4041A-2 Steering rack boot kit drivers side
2 U4041A-3 Steering rack boot passengers side
3 U4041A-1 Outer tie rod end (external thread)
(Discontinued order complete rack part#U4041A)
4 U4041A-5
Tie Rod, Inner Joint, Male Thread (must also purchase new outer tie rod part# U4041A-4)
5 U8539A M12 x 1.25 Jam Nut
6 U4041A
Complete Steering Rack