Leaf springs

Notice: Information provided on this page is for original axle. If your vehicle has been updated to the newer design axle which would have hydraulic disk brakes click here.

Axle 2008 to 2009-04-21

Item# Part# Description
27 U8590A 3/8" Flat SAE Washer
28 U8588A 3/8" Split Lock Washer
29 U8587A 3/8-16 Hex Nut
32 U8586A 1/2" Flat SAE Washer
33 U8578A 1/2" Split Lock Washer
34 U8579A 1/2-13 Hex Nut
40 U8589A 1/4" Flat SAE Washer
41 U8584A 1/4" Split Lock Washer
42 U8582A 1/4-20 Hex Nut
43 U8577A 1/4-20 X 1.00" Hex Cap Screw
57 U4504A Updated Nylon Spring Bushing

U1282A Leaf Spring Bushing Sleeve (1 needed per 2 bushings)
59 U1092L Left Lower Rear Shock Mount

U1092R Right Lower Rear Shock Mount
60 U8519A 1/2-13 x 5.5" U-bolt
63 U8023A 12in 1/8 X 1" Foam
64 U1154A Hose Tee Block Mount
65 U8585A 5/16" Flat SAE Washer
66 U8583A 5/16" Split Lock Washer
68 U8523A 1/4-20 X 1.50" Hex Cap Screw Grade 8
69 U8543A 5/16 X 0.75" Clevis Pin
70 U8551A 3/16" Bridge Pin
73 U8201A Retaining Clip
81 U4503A 4-Leaf Spring

0153-25 6-Leaf Spring
82 U8632A 3/8-16 X 1.50" Hex Cap Screw
88 U4417A SS Braided Tee Block Brake Hose
91 KIT-23 Rear Axle Conversion
92 U7010A Motor mount tab
93 U7009A Motor Mount Strap
96 U4401A Rear Parking Brake Cable
97 U4438L Left Rear Brake Line
98 U4438R Right Rear Brake Line
130 U8235A Metal Cable Clamp 1-1/2"

Leaf spring shackles 2005

Item# Part# Description 
1U1042ACharger Tray
2U1043LLeft Outside Rear Spring Mount
3U1043RRight Outside Rear Spring Mount
4U8586A1/2" Flat SAE Washer
5U8685A1/2-13 X 3.25" Hex Cap Screw
6U8574A1/2-13 X 3.5" Hex Cap Screw
7U8504A1/2-13 Serrated Flange Hex Nut
8U8578A1/2" Split Lock Washer
9U8579A1/2-13 Hex Nut
10U6251A2x3" Rect. Tubing Plug
11U8550A1/2-13 Nylon Lock Nut
12F7000AFlatbed Rear Bumper Mount EXV2 Only

C7000ACoach Rear Bumper Mount EXV4 Only
14U7024ARear Leaf Spring Shackle
15U4504ALeaf Spring Bushing
16U1282ALeaf Spring Bushing Sleeve
18U8575A1/4-20 Rivet Nut
19U8589A1/4" Flat Washer
20U8584A1/4" Split Lock Washer
21U8577A1/4-20 X 1.00" Hex Cap Screw
22U1289LLeft Rear Upper Shock Mount

U1289RRight Rear Upper Shock Mount