Notice: This page shows original equipment. If the battery charger in your vehicle has been replaced with a newer style click here.

Charger flooded 2005 to 2010-01-12

Item# Part# Description
61 U8585A 5/16" Flat SAE Washer
62 U8583A 5/16" Split Lock Washer
105 U8641A #8 X 0.50" Phil Pan Self-Drill & Tap
120 KIT-18 Battery charger conversion kit

U5600A-1 Lester charger fuse

U5600A-2 Lester charger diode assembly

U5600A-3 Lester charger relay

U5600A-4 Lester Charger Timer Board

U5600A-5 Lester charger capacitor
121 U2417A On-Board Charger Plug Mount
122 U2418A On-Board Charger Plug Retainer
123 U2423A 220 Volt Plug
124 U2422A 120 Volt Plug
125 U2850A 5/16-18 X 1" Thumb Screw
126 U8581A 5/16"-18 Hex Nut