Brakes rear

Note: The brakes shown on this page only apply to original design. If your rear axle has been changed and you now have hydraulic rear disc brakes click here

Brakes rear shoes 2005 to 2009-04-21

Item# Part# Description
36 U4200A-46 Wheel Cylinder
41 U4200A-41 Brake shoe Hold down spring and cup
42 U4200A-42 Brake shoe return spring lower
43 U4200A-43 Brake shoe Upper return spring
44 U4200A-44 Brake shoe Lever Assembly
45 U4200A-45 Brake shoe set (Set=4 shoes)
46 U4200A-46 Brake cylinder
47 U4200A-47 Park brake lever assm'y LH

U4200A-48 Parking brake lever RH
50 U4200A-50 Washer
51 U4200A-51 Backing Plate
U4200A-28 Backing Plate Assembly, Left
U4200A-29 Backing Plate Assembly, Right
52 U4200A-52 Dust Cover
53 U4200A-53 Bolt
54 U4200A-54 Flat Washer
55 U4200A-55 Bolt 1/4-28

Axle breakdown 2005 to 2009-04-21

Item# Part# Description
1 KIT-22 Rear axle conversion kit (2008-newer)

KIT-23 Rear axle conversion kit (2005-2007)
2 U4200A-2 Bearing cap bolt
3 U4200A-36 Input shaft gear set with seal
4 U4200A-4 Snap Ring
5 U4200A-5 O-Ring
6 U4200A-6 Input shaft outer bearing
7 U4200A-7 Input shaft inner bearing
8 U4200A-8 Intermediate gear end seal plug
9 U4200A-9 Intermediate gear bearing
10 U4200A-10 Intermediate gear
11 U4200A-11 o-rings for Intermediate gear
12 U4200A-12 Large Lower Helical Gear
13 U4200A-13 Lower gear ball bearing
14 U4200A-14 Spider gear assembly
15 U4200A-15 Lower gear mounting bolt
16 U4200A-16 Lower gear mounting lock nut
17 U4200A-17 Oil Pan w/plug
18 U4200A-18 Drain plug
19 U4200A-19 Oil pan bolts
20 U4200A-20 Vent
21 U4200A-21 Lock nut for brake assembly
22 U4200A-22 Bolt for brake assembly mounting
23 U4200A-23 Axle seal
24 U4200A-24 inner axle retaining ring
25 U4200A-25 Outer axle bearing retainer
26 U4200A-26 Axle C-clip retainer
27 U4200A-27 Axle bearing
28 U4200A-28 Brake shoe assembly Left Side
29 U4200A-29 Brake shoe assembly Right Side
30 U4200A-30 Left long axle shaft
31 U4200A-31 Right short axle shaft
32 U4200A-32 Rear axle wheel stud
33 U4200A-33 Brake drum
36 U4200A-36 Input shaft gear set with seal
37 U4200A-57 Input shaft seal