Brake hoses

Notice: If your vehicle has been updated to the dual piston front brake calipers click here.

Brakes front 2009-06-07 to 2011-07-11

Item# Part# Description
11 U1138A Caliper Mount
12 U4100A-3 Front brake pad (Inner Pad)(Single piston caliper)

U4100A-4 Front brake pad (Outer Pad)(Single piston caliper)

KIT-14 Dual piston caliper conversion kit

(Only fits U7104L&R steering spindles)

( If your vehicle has U7100L&R steering spindles click here.)

(Single piston caliper is obsolete)


U4102A-1 Caliper Body x 2

U4102A-2 Brake Pad x 4

U4102A-3 Caliper Slide Pin x 4

U4102A-4 Caliper Snap Ring x 4

U4451A Caliper Brake Hose x 2

U4415A Copper Crush Washer x 4

U1278A Caliper Mount(only fits U7104L spindle)

U4448A 10MM X 1.25 Banjo Bolt x 2
20 U8590A 3/8" Flat SAE Washer
21 U8580A 3/8-16 X 1.25" Hex Cap Screw
25 U8588A 3/8" Split Lock Washer
29 U8567A M8 Split Lock Washer
30 U8562A M8 X 1.25 X 25mm Bolt
40 U4418A SS Braided Caliper Hose
41 U8622A Front Hub Washer
43 U4131A Brake Rotor
44 U4221A Hub Kit


U4221A-1 Front wheel seal

U4221A-2 Front wheel bearing

U4221A-3 Front Wheel Stud
54 U8670A 1"-14 12 slotted nut, plain
56 U8506A 3/8-16 Serrated Flange Hex Nut
57 U4222A Dust Cap

Brake hoses rear 2009-04-21-2

Item# Part# Description
1 U2344A 1 7/8" Tube Clamp
2 U8585A 5/16" Flat SAE Washer
3 U8583A 5/16" Split Lock Washer
4 U4447A Rear Caliper Brake Hose
5 U4447A Rear Caliper Brake Hose
6 U4415A Copper Crush Washer
7 U4448A 10MM X 1.25 Banjo Bolt
8 U1271A Hose Tee Block Mount
9 U1272A Rear Brake Hose Retainer Bracket
10 U8570A 1/2-20 Nylon Lock Nut
11 U8044A Wire Harness Clamps
12 U4450A 3/16 Brake Tee w/Mount Tab
13 U8581A 5/16"-18 Hex Nut
14 U8564A 5/16-18 X 0.75" Hex Cap Screw
15 U4416A Rear Brake Hose