Batteries flooded

Battery flooded exv4 2008-01-30 to 2008-12-16

Item# Part# Description
17 U1101A Inside Short Tunnel Cover
18 U1103A Front Tunnel Cover
25 U5611A 8 Volt Battery
30 U5802A 5/8" Rubber Grommet
31 U8585A 5/16" Flat SAE Washer
37 U8583A 5/16" Split Lock Washer
38 U8581A 5/16"-18 Hex Nut
52 U4520A Plastic Battery Hold-Down
53 U8606A 5/16" - 1.25"OD Fender Washer
54 U8607A Battery Hold Down Hook
61 U5708A 1/0 Jumper battery cable
65 KIT-26 Battery Watering System

U5612A-2 Fill systems cap and float assembly

U5612A-3 Male Water Hose Connector (Blue)

U5612A-4 Male Connector Cover (Blue)

U5612A-5 3/8" Hose Clamp

U5612A-6 End Cap

U5612A-7 1/4-3/8-1/4 plastic tee

U5612A-8 1/4" Tubing

U5612A-9 3/8` Tubing

U5612A-10 Male Water Hose Connector (Black)

U5612A-11 Fill System Float

U5614A Water Tank

U5614A-1 Water tank flow indicator

U5614A-2 Female Water Tank Connector (Blue)

U5614A-3 Female Water Tank Connector (Black)
80 U2358A 3/4" Black Hook Dot

U2359A 3/4" Black Loop Dot
81 U5110A Horn
82 U8032A 1/8" Pinch Trim
89 U8012A 5/8" x 1/8" adhesive backed foam
97 U5615A Battery Float Plug
U5616A Battery Water Level Float
131 U1102A Inside Long Tunnel Cover