Air Conditioner/heater

Part# Description
F2150A-1 Compressor
F2150A-10 Rotary 4 position selector switch
F2150A-11 Condenser Fan
F2150A-12 Evaporator
F2150A-13 Drier
F2150A-14 Hose compressor to expansion valve
F2150A-15 Hose drier to expansion valve
F2150A-16 Hose drier to condenser
F2150A-17 Hose compressor to condenser
F2150A-18 Expansion valve
U2405A-1 72 Volt Heating Element
U2406A 2" Heater Vent Hose
U2407A 2 in Round Heater Vent
U2424A Heater Contactor
U5859A Diode Protected Relay