e-Ride Difference

Safety and Performance –

What sets e-ride apart from other NEV’s or competing vehicles in the same market spaces?  The key is in the details found all around the e-ride EXV2 and EXV4 models.  It is the little things that show that e-ride vehicles were developed with dedication to safety and reliable operation.

  • Braking system – Four wheel disc brakes for high performance stopping power.  
    • Dual piston front calipers provide more brake torque with less pedal effort and less brake fade under heavy cycling.
    • Dual circuit master cylinder separates the front brakes from the rear in the case of a single circuit failure. 
    • Steel brake lines and braided stainless brake hoses prevent hose expansion for a better brake feel and response.  They also provide long lasting lines that resist corrosion and deterioration. 
    • Drum parking brake system provides very high holding force to hold the vehicle still in virtually any terrain. 
  • Visibility— Tall stance and seat height allow for good visibility of the surrounding traffic.
    • Large driver side and passenger side exterior mirrors keep the driver informed of their surroundings.
    • Rear view mirror and large front, side and rear glass windows to provide clear vision at all times.
    • AS1 certified laminated safety glass front windshield and AS2 certified side windows for added protection.
    • Standard dual wiper arms with optional windshield washer kit keep the windshield clear.
      The vehicle’s overall size and unique shape allow it to be easily seen by other motorists.
    • Backup camera for added safety while backing up.
  • Impact Protection – Stout chassis design provides the occupants with an overall feel of safety.
    • Solid steel front and rear bumpers provide protection from the front and back. 
    • Door frames made of 1” steel tubing provide protection from the sides.
    • The vehicle’s body size gives it a better chance to withstand collisions better than most of our smaller, lighter competitors.
  • Electrical system – Quality overall system design allow for the safe and easy service and operation.
    • All systems are isolated from the vehicle (not chassis ground) increasing electrical shock protection for general use and especially during service and maintenance operations.
    • Main disconnect switch allows you to shut down all live power to the system for safer service and maintenance of the systems.  The removable contact provides absolute certainty of switch disconnection. 
    • 1/0 cabling with robust terminal connections decreases the chances for loose connections or hot spots.
  • Chassis – Superior components and overall vehicle layout allow for safe and reliable operation. 
    • Powerful drive train derived from a calculated combination between the motor, controller, gear ratio, tire size, and vehicle weight.  This combination provides the vehicle with quick acceleration to keep you moving with the flow of traffic and gives you the ability to avoid dangerous situations. 
    • Independent front suspension system with custom shocks allows for superior handling.
    • Center Battery tunnel provides a low center of gravity and balanced weight distribution that makes the e-ride vehicle very stable in corners and side hills.  It also helps keep pressure on the rear wheels providing traction when accelerating.   
    • Open designed battery tunnel allows air to pass over the batteries keeps them cool and pushes away any possible gases from the batteries.
    • DOT rated 3 point safety belts.
    • Full sized, P (passenger car) rated tires and wheels provide vehicle stability, a comfortable ride, and quality traction keeping you safely on the road. 

Service You Can Count On!

The e-ride customer service department is one of the most important departments at e-ride Industries.  We make sure to show you, through our actions that the customer is number one.  We understand that when your vehicle is down – it is costing you time and money which prevents you from doing your job.  Our staff is very knowledgeable and shows a sense of urgency at all times.  We care and keep current and past revision spare parts on-hand for warranty and service needs.  When you are set up as a customer, the e-ride Industries customer service staff will be sure to either find a service station that can serve you in your area, train your staff on maintenance procedures and common repairs, or simply walk you or your mechanics through each repair personally. We do everything within our power to get your vehicle back on the job safely and quickly!